Customer Story

Navigating the Digital-First Frontier in Financial Services


John Hancock Investments was committed to its digital transformation. They had invested in platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), created an internal digital team, and set their sights on providing industry-leading insight into their financial products.

As the industry shifts toward more transparent products and investment vehicles, data has become the critical factor in investment justification from large institutions all the way down to the individual investor. But to make a difference with their data, John Hancock needed to address the fundamental challenge of integrating and distributing it easily across the enterprise.


We partnered with the marketing, product, IT, and compliance organizations within John Hancock to do exactly that: Integrate Maestro with AEM to surface in-depth product data—including all of the associated risk and fee disclosures—and collect them for distribution across print and digital

More Efficient Marketing

Complex sales and marketing collateral that once took a team of 14 people across content, creative, and compliance departments to execute, now took only one person.

More Effective Sales

Clients and potential clients were automatically served appropriate information based on where they were in the sales funnel, creating self-service sales and more insight into clients.

A Standard for Digital Transformation

The organization got to market faster, saw immediate value, and leveraged that progress into a broader transformation that set the standard within Manulife.