Centralize Your Data

Integrate investment data from across internal and third-party systems to create a single view into the data you want to distribute.

Open Your Data

Maestro’s data APIs are the highest performing in the industry, allowing you to provide instant access across all of your print and digital channels.

Govern Your Data

Use Maestro’s data management tools to control the accuracy of the data coming from upstream systems.

Speed Factsheets

Create templates for fact sheets in minutes that make execution take seconds.

Control Factsheets

With centralized data and disclosures, Maestro ensures that your most important information is accurate everywhere it’s presented.

Produce Commentaries

Streamline fund commentaries by combining text, rich data visualization, and disclosures.

Centralize Disclosures

Access and track all disclosures from one, easy to use interface.

Manage Disclosures

Set rules for how and where disclosures should appear on all collateral.

Distribute Disclosures

Update disclosures in one place for automatic, risk-free distribution throughout your organization.

Customer Story

Sell more products using tools with better experiences and more complete data.

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